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5th March 2021 


the Isagenix Energy Performance Programme is specifically designed to support men and women who exercise and work-out with a range of products that will enhance your muscle development, improve hydration, boost energy and improve your overall performance through energy boosting products.

Key products are the newly launched Isa-Pro undenatured whey protein, the critically acclaimed Amped-Hydrate and e-Shot natural caffeine based energy shots.


Isa-Pro undenatured whey protein containing branched chain amino acids gives you 18g of protein in each scoop full that you can take on it's own as a post workout snack or even better - add to your shake that already has 24g of undenatured whey protein for a super boost of protein in each shake !!!

The Isagenix sport and energy performance programme has a huge amount of science behind it and you can read the research by clicking the youtube link

This website is based on the American findings and products and not all products are available in this country yet and is for information purposes only.


Specifically designed for use during and after exercise, AMPED Hydrate contains a unique carbohydrate-electrolyte blend to keep you
hydrated and provides the body with essential nutrients that are lost during workouts.

AMPED Hydrate offers 150 percent of your Nutrient Reference Value for vitamin C and the full complex of B vitamins per serving.

A refreshing, hydrating sports drink mix enriched with vitamin C, B-complex and a unique carbohydrate-electrolyte blend

• Supports performance during prolonged endurance exercise
• No artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners

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The energy performance programme is designed to support your energy programme, whether it be going to the gym to work out once a week or whether you are a committed gym bunny and there every day !

Eating nutritious food is key to improved performance and Isagenix undenatured whey protein shakes that contain an amazing 24g of protein can be further boosted by adding an extra scoopful of Isa-Pro whey protein to give you an additional 18g of protein ! An amazing level of premium whey that will help you build strong, lean muscle.

Isagenix energy performance products are used by professional athletes too and form part of their training regimens. Notable examples are Mark Colbourne, MBE a London 2012 paralympian medal winner. Warren Symmonds a triathlete. Elite athlete Anna Nordqvist, golfer, but are just as effective for you.

KH from Buckinghamshire plays rugby for his local club he says: I have been on Isagenix now for 6 weeks and I have seen vast improvements to my health and well-being, more notably in the following:
1) I have slept much better, previously I had issues with sleeping all through the night. it has genuinely been the first time in months I have slept uninterrupted.
2) My energy levels in general have been visibly higher. I work very long hours and train for rugby regularly so my energy levels are very important to maintain intensity levels in work and play, Isagenix for sure has helped my energy levels reach new heights and consistently maintained them also.
3) I have lost 9lbs which I did expect to lose as was on a strict regime. However I have maintained the weight loss very easily as opposed to my previous programmes where I yo-yo often.

Isagenix is flexible, convenient, easy to prepare - just add water to the shakes ! All you have to do is provide a well balanced 400/600 calorie meal once a day - Isagenix even provides recipe ideas to help you get started !

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Isagenix has developed a 16 week programme aimed at those wishing to improve their physical condition and performance by following the Isagenix Energy Programme called the Isa Body Challenge. If you exercise regularly but feel you're not getting the results you want by following your current regime then be like numerous professional and semi professional athletes and keen gym goers and take part in the challenge yourself.

This is a challenging competition aimed at pushing you to achieve more than you ever thought possible - but safely and healthily - so why not sign up yourself today and see how Isagenix can help you reach your goals !!