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5th March 2021 


Nutritional Cleanse Essentials

1. Stick to the program! You will succeed on the program if you just stick to two shakes and one main meal for 6 days and one cleanse day a week!

2. Water, water, filtered water preferable Flush your body through! Minimum of 8-10 glasses a day. All herbal/ green /fruit tea is great

3. Aim for a minimum of 4 shake days before a Cleanse day. The your Cleanse day can be flexible, any day within each week.

4. Product tips: a. Ionix Supreme liquid lives in the fridge. b. For thicker shakes add ice to your water. Drink your shake within 10 mins of making as it is a live food (has an active enzyme in it). c. You can have ‘Cleanse for life’ as a warm tea. Note: Not with hot water as it kills the nutrients.

5. Cleanse day tips: No proteins, No carbs. You are giving your body a break from digestion it is staying in cleanse mode. You can have high water content veggies: celery, cucumber, carrots, miso soup, vegetable broth, hummus with veggie sticks if you get hungry (try having another glass of water first!)

6. No coffee, No alcohol, No soft drinks: we are moving your body from acid to a more healthy alkaline base. If you are drinking a lot of coffee/caffeine, start weaning yourself off (de-caff) and aim for 1 per day and ideally NONE when you start.

7. This is the same for sugar, processed/refined foods & alcohol. Increase veggies and leafy greens to start to alkalise your body gently. The depth to which you take this cleanse is up to you, however, our rule of thumb is to eliminate sugar, caffeine, alcohol & processed foods and reduce gluten & dairy. You can reintegrate once you've cleansed your body on a cellular level.

8. Nutritional cleansing is NOT a diet and you never deprive yourself & feel hungry on this lifestyle… it's about nourishing, cleansing and balancing your body … you will be eating abundantly!

We want you to have a great Isagenix experience!

Remember it is a lifestyle choice it is not what you are going through it is what you are going to!

Enjoy the process: your body will love you for it!