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5th March 2021 


Isagenix is flexible in how you can choose the right products for you. You can choose any of the pre packed systems from the original and hugely popular 30 day cleanse pack or the premium performance pack or you can now (for new customers only) cherry pick products to make up your own customised packs.

"click here" to visit and view product range. Just click on either the weight management or energy performance buttons to view products. *

Clients who have happily completed the programme and are continuing to maintain their weight loss have discovered their long held desire and craving for sweet, sugary foods has disappeared. I found my own taste buds changed remarkably during my cleanse and I no longer eat many of the foods I used to crave.

Please contact me for further information or assistance in choosing the right products for you.

See what others who have successfully completed the initial 30 day Weight Maintenance programme have to say about how Isagenix has helped them achieve the healthy body they wanted !

'I weighed myself today & I've lost a stone in weight since starting Isagenix in mid June. These products definitely work..!!' ML London July 17

'So finally finished my 30 day cleanse. Started off at 10st 10lb and now weigh in at 9.13lb !!Have lost a total of 25.1 inches all over !! Also lost 11lbs !! Feeling great and am going to carry on with the shakes etc as still lots to loose. Its become a way of life now Yaay !!!' CP Swindon June 17

'I had twins 22 months ago and wanted to lose the baby weight for my friends wedding . I started the 30 day programme a month before the wedding after being 'gifted' the Isagenix and am very pleased with the results ! I dropped a dress size and everyone noticed my new slimmer figure. I wore a dress I'd not have been able to wear 5 weeks beforehand and felt attractive and better about myself ! The shakes tasted great, I loved the Isa-lean chocolate bars and saw the weight loss very quickly. Thank you Isagenix!!' KR, Suffolk


Isagenix is not only about weight management, there is a whole programme dedicated to sport performance, whether that be working out in the gym to get fit and healthy, recovering from injury to build muscle tone and strength or even the art of body building and sculpting.

"click here" to view the Sport and Energy Performance page.

* Please note this is the Isagenix US website and not all products are available in the UK at the moment. Please check with me if you are unsure which items you can order. Generally the 30 day weight management packs and energy performance packs are the same, although in the UK a new energy performance pack has just been launched which includes Isa-Pro whey protein tubs

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